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Wirefast Releases a REST API for its SMS, Fax and TTV Services


Wirefast is please to announce that it now supports a REST API for SMS, Fax and TTV

REST, or Representational State Transfer, is an architectural style of Web service using, in Wirefast’s implementation, standard HTTP verbs to create an API to the Wirefast Messaging System (WMS). The API which meets the constraints defined by REST, is termed RESTful and is stateless as far as the server side communications are concerned, all state being managed by the client side. Communications are handled by HTTP verbs containing JSON (Java Script Object Notation) formatted messages.

Wirefast is a global provider of best-in-class messaging solutions that improve, automate and enhance communication-based business processes with the features and reliability that mission-critical messaging demands: real-time delivery, back-office integration and a full audit trail. With the industry’s widest global reach, we deliver solutions in the format customers prefer, including fax, SMS, voice and telex.

For more information on Wirefast Enterprise solutions please contact moc.tsaferiw@selas

Wirefast is leading provider of secured electronic messaging solutionsand is certfied for Information Security Management System (ISMS) ISO27001:2013 by the British Standards Institute.

BSI ISO27001:2013