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Ofcom Report Highlights Huge Growth of SMS


Mobile and fixed-line call volumes declined in the UK for the first time last year as SMS messaging hit a record high. The average number of SMS messages sent per person climbed to 200 a month, a 16.6% increase on the previous year. The number of SMS messages sent has more than doubled over the past four years.

The findings are contained in the latest annual ‘Communications Market Report’ by Ofcom, the telecoms industry regulator, and illustrate the changes taking place in how customers communicate with businesses and services – particularly those in younger age groups.


  • The total volume of SMS messages sent exceeded 150 billion in 2011, an increase of 17.3% on the previous year
  • 92% of adults personally own / use a mobile phone
  • 33% of 18-24 year olds use SMS-based methods to communicate with businesses and services each week, compared to 15% of those aged over 65
  • 96% of 18-24 year olds use any SMS-based services to communicate on a daily basis, compared to just 21% of those aged over 65
  • 33% of people aged 18-24 and 26% of people aged 25-34 live in homes where mobile phones are the sole form of telephony
  • 48% of survey respondents say that they are sending fewer letters by post because they prefer digital methods of communication
  • 22% of survey respondents predict they will continue to reduce their need of letters, cards and parcels

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