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L&Q Group Sends a Message


L&Q, one of the leading developers of new homes in the UK, has chosen to use Wirefast’s Enterprise Communication services.


Head of Revue Collections for L&Q Group, said:

Being able to communicate effectively with our tenants is a crucial part of our service, especially when it is about the payment of their rent. Working with Payonomy our Salesforce.Com payments integrator and the Wirefast Messaging solution allows us to automatically notify the tenants when their rent payments have been made successfully by card payment and when there is a problem with their DD payment. The solution from Wirefast lets us record the communication preference of the tenant, e-mail, SMS or post. We have seen that early, appropriate communication with the tenant reduces the likelihood of them going into arrears.

Not only have we sped up and automated the communications, we have gained significant process improvements and cost savings from implementing this solution. Our daily printing costs used to run into hundreds of pounds and that has been hugely reduced over night. The fact that Wirefast is integrated with Salesforce.com was a major reason for the decision.

Wirefast is a global provider of best-in-class messaging solutions that improve, automate and enhance communication-based business processes with the features and reliability that mission-critical messaging demands: real-time delivery, back-office integration and a full audit trail. With the industry’s widest global reach, we deliver solutions in the format customers prefer, including fax, SMS, voice and telex.

For more information on Wirefast Enterprise solutions please contact moc.tsaferiw@selas