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Enterprise Two-Way SMS now available


Wirefast, the leading provider of electronic messaging solutions, has made Enterprise two-way SMS available on its platform.

Two-Way Enterprise SMS Wirefast Enterprise SMS Gateway makes it simple to extend your messaging capabilities with two-way SMS. Two-way SMS is more than a communication tool – it can also be a powerful way of improving customer interaction and loyalty.

Customers can use two-way SMS tailored to their own needs. Users can send SMS messages out from email or back office system – the inbound SMS comes directly back to your email address or back office system. The service also allows users to publish VMN (Virtual Mobile Number), which people respond to via SMS. We convert it to an email and deliver it to you in email format.

The service is currently available in over 100 countries. We can manage your responses automatically to suit you, based on keyword identification and allow you to bypass the complexities of short-code messaging in other countries.

Wirefast is a global provider of best-in-class messaging solutions that improve, automate and enhance communication-based business processes with the features and reliability that mission-critical messaging demands: real-time delivery, back-office integration and a full audit trail. With the industry’s widest global reach, we deliver solutions in the format customers prefer, including fax, SMS, voice and telex.

For more information on Wirefast Enterprise solutions please contact moc.tsaferiw@selas