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Broadcast voice services now available


Wirefast Enterprise Messaging Cloud now allows corporates to broadcast voice through its messaging service technology.

Voice broadcasting is simply a pre-recorded message that can be delivered simultaneously to thousands of people via the telephone. The key advantage of voice broadcasting is that the message is always consistent: you can keep recording until the message is exactly how you want it, and the receiving party will always hear the results as intended.

Voice broadcasting can utilise the power of celebrity with regard to message delivery. Imagine the supporter of a political party picking up the telephone and hearing a personal exhortation from their party leader, or the recipient of a call from a charity hearing an appeal launched by a member of the Royal family.

Wirefast is a global provider of best-in-class messaging solutions that improve, automate and enhance communication-based business processes with the features and reliability that mission-critical messaging demands: real-time delivery, back-office integration and a full audit trail. With the industry’s widest global reach, we deliver solutions in the format customers prefer, including fax, SMS, voice and telex.

For more information on Wirefast Enterprise solutions please contact moc.tsaferiw@selas