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Bank of Cyprus Sends a Message


Bank of Cyprus, a major Cypriot financial institution, has chosen to use the Wirefast SMS service.

Systems Development Manager for Bank of Cyprus, said:

The ability for our customers to request and receive information from us by SMS is a core part of our business and is key to making our banking services responsive and efficient. The Wirefast Messaging solution allows us to receive, process and record messages from customers, and to deliver ad-hoc or automated template SMS messages and the use of this service has reduced the number of in-bound calls by about 80%.

We have gained significant process improvements and cost savings from implementing this solution, and we are seeking to extend the range of services available to our customers. The fact that Wirefast is integrated with Salesforce.com was a major reason for the decision

Bank of Cyprus

The Wirefast Messaging Service has been integrated with the Bank of Cyprus platform to ensure that all communications to and from contacts and customers are processed quickly and linked to the appropriate records in Salesforce.com.

Details of Their Solution

  • Weekly statement delivery
  • On-demand request and receive statement information
  • Automated template message delivery during sales process – using the template management feature with a little bit of bespoke code in Salesforce to send a message when an opportunity moves from one stage to another.

About Bank of Cyprus

Bank of Cyprus is a member of the Bank of Cyprus Group, the largest financial services institution in Cyprus. The Bank has been operating in the UK since 1955 offering a wide range of banking and financial services. Today, the Bank of Cyprus is a focused business bank committed to meeting the needs of their customers through the products offered and through the delivery of a friendly and professional customer service. The Bank of Cyprus offers a range of services for business and personal banking, including financial advice, loans, mortgages and foreign exchange services.