Wirefast is always striving to extend the functionality and usability of its world-class messaging platform and our most recent innovation is full integration with

For over 20 years, many of the world’s largest corporate, financial institutions, media corporations and government agencies have relied on the Wirefast messaging gateway to deliver mission critical communications and secure messaging. With the Wirefast Messaging application now integrated with your environment you can give yourself and your business instant access to the communications that suit you from within the world’s leading Cloud CRM solution.

The Wirefast Messaging platform gives you access to SMS, e-Fax, email, text-to-speech, telex and even INMARSAT-C messages. The functionality includes ad hoc message creation, template management and mass-message delivery, and all the in- and out-bound messages are linked directly to the appropriate Lead, Account, Opportunity or User records in Salesforce.

With Wirefast’s unrivalled global reach, you can use SMS to its full potential in providing innovative services – including 2-way SMS – to customers, wherever they are.

Rapid access to benefits

The application is easy to install and set up in and you will be able to take advantage of the service and access the benefits across your entire organization rapidly;

  • You will have peace of mind – our message notification function means you know when a message has arrived, with real time delivery and delivery receipts returned directly from the recipient.
  • You will have an integrated and unified communication solution that’s as fast and convenient as email, with all messages stored in your environment.
  • Secure communications – Wirefast provides a secure, carrier grade enterprise messaging gateway designed for easy integration to your existing applications, delivering a global, high availability network
  • Monitoring and archiving – Messages sent through the Wirefast gateway are delivered with 24×7 message monitoring, delivery notification & seven year secure archive.